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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Shopping in Auckland: Workshop and Helen Cherry

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Now that I'm back at work, (albeit hacking my lungs out for all to share), I can tell you all about the Workshop and Helen Cherry Outlet store, on Nelson Street.

Last Friday during my shortened lunchbreak, I bought a pair of Workshop bootleg 5 pocket jeans, with a front fade, for the ridiculously low price of $39.

Thirty Nine Dollars. Down from like, $200 (or something). Something else that caught my eye was a cute Workshop Denim A-Line miniskirt, which was on sale for $49, down from $140. These deals really are a sight to behold, but unfortunately they are few and far between.

The service was surprising aswell. I was expecting to be looked down upon by the Workshop staff as I was shopping in their outlet store, but infact I received nothing but smiles and compliments, much nicer than their High Street store. The assistant was helpful in finding sizes of clothes, complimentary of my wallet (said it was cute), happy to help, overall she was lovely and I would buy clothing from her again in a heartbeat.

The one drawback, however with an outlet store of this sort, is they are in existence solely to get rid of items they can't sell in main stores. Whether this is because no one on earth is truly a size 4, or because women would require a frontal labotomy before they wore a cropped, froufrou, hot pink tank top, it doesn't matter - the prices are slashed, and they are stored in a low rent shop, waiting for their exodus into the world. Lucky for me, then, that I work very close to this store and am able to check in every Friday and have a quick browse. This is the first time I've ever found anything worth buying in the 10 months this store has existed. I'm not bitter, though. I believe the 10 month wait was worth it to procure myself a pair of great fitting, excellent quality, rigid denim jeans.

Location: Corner of Nelson Street & Wellesley Street, Auckland CBD
Parking: Streetside pay & display, SkyCity, Victoria Park Market and a long walk uphill.
Variety: 6/10
Sizing: 9/10
Service: 9/10