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Monday, August 22, 2005

Shopping in Auckland part 2: Smith and Caugheys End of Season Sale

Today is mine and Matt's 4th Anniversary together, and the poor guy is so sick and flu-ish. The upside to this (other than the fact that it marks the beginning of our fifth year together), is that I can tell you about a fantastic sale at Smith and Caugheys that finishes today (that's right, today).

I bought Matt a pair of Diesel Jeans and this really cool Tocash printed shirt, and the prices were slashed on them. Most people reading this blog will understand the ridiculous prices one will usually pay for a pair of Diesel Jeans. Understand this: I did not. I can't reveal entirely how much I DID pay, as Matt does read my blog, but I can tell you now that if you are a woman and want to shop for your man, do so at Smith and Caugheys today.

Special mentions should go out to the entire Ben Sherman line, which looks to be slashed by approximately 40%. Unfortunately due to the timing of this sale, there may be very little left, but I highly recommend going for a last minute look. Also on sale is the Hugo Boss winter line, including all Jeans, shirts and knitwear. I saw a small discount on Armani and Versace, including suits, and huge discounts on general menswear, especially the knitwear, including gorgeous fitting thin sweaters, in V-neck and boat-neck, warm winter rollnecks, and the "old-man" cardigans.

Upstairs in Womenswear, however, is where you'll find the holy grail of all sales. Move up the escalators and turn left once on the first floor. Continue left until you see the corner studio type store, separated from everything else by glass walls. In that corner you will find Dolce & Gabbana, Vera Wang, Miss Sixty, and other little known (in NZ) designers. Let me break it down for you:

D&G Women's Jeans, all styles, approx 30% off. ~$170 per pair (might even be less today).
D&G Women's Jeans Jackets, slashed down to $200ish.
Miss Sixty winter stock, approx 40% off.

And they still have a large number of beautiful formal gowns, for any of you girls hunting for the elusive "perfect dress" to wear to the ball.

I didn't spend much time in the cosmetics area, but I expect the sale continued through there. Jewellery and accessories were all on sale also, though I don't know quite how much they were discounted, and giftware also appeared to be a popular section.

I won't rate the sale, as this store covers so many different departments I couldn't possibly rate each accurately, but I DO recommend you go at once! :)

(oh yes, and Matt got me this gorgeous jewellery box, made from a dark wood, with two drawers and a lift up lid, and a beautiful rose gold bracelet was hidden inside it)

Before I go, I'd like to draw your attention to this week's edition of NZGirl, in particular an article written by myself about blogging. You can find the article here. I highly recommend you visit the blogs I've written about, and please do go and see the blogs I link to on my sidebar. I only link to blogs if I like reading them, so you won't be disappointed.

Oh, and good luck to Mainland Mike (formerly known as "Miramar Mike"), who begins his new life with his family in Christchurch this week, after a huge move down from Wellytown.

Ciao for now!