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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

I Love My Boyfriend/Partner/Bestfriend

Inspired by Mike (in transition from MiramarMike to Mike in ChCh, I will just stick with 'Mike'), I too shall post about my love for my partner/boyfriend/bestfriend, Matt.

There are so many reasons that one loves another, be they superficial or true and honest. I love the way Matt has an hour or so each morning dedicated to cuddles with me. Not many men understand the value of cuddles, but my Matt does, and we have the best cuddles and snuggles every morning, which brings a gorgeous start to each and every day.

I love the way Matt doesn't care that at any given moment I could say the most stupid thing to anyone around us. He just looks at me, grins, and waits for a while before taking the piss (in a humorous way). Then he might pick me up and engage in a mini "Wrestlemania", ending with some 'Girled Down' form of a pile driver (or whatever you wrestling freaks call it) before tickling me to death and leaving me in tears from laughing so hard.

I love that Matt doesn't mind
too much that I'm an insufferable gossip.

I love that Matt now knows everything about me, and still wants to be with me.

I love that Matt let's me watch Shortland Street and Sex and the City, and then patiently listens to me while I garble up an explanation of the last few episodes.

I love that when I'm with Matt, I feel I'm in the safest place in the world, wherever I am.

I love that Matt believes in me and everything I do, and therefore gives me the confidence to do whatever I want. Matt inspires me to be a better person.

There are so many reasons that I could go on and on for hours, and I'm sorry that most of you are already puking your guts out at my romanticism and girlishness. So for now, I'll just finish with this:
Love you honey :)