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Monday, August 08, 2005

Diet is a four letter word

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Over the weekend I started a diet. After taking several long looks at myself in the mirror, I decided it was time for a change, or more particularly, time to get back to a healthy size 12*, or even better (but way less likely) a size 10.
As such, I've taken to eating breakfast every day (banana on toast, or fresh fruit), I've even swapped my usual latte from the coffee machine with a filter coffee and skim milk! Over the weekend I discovered the joy of Tuna on toast, and sitting next to my laptop today I have a banana and an apple, for snacking on during the work day.

And I'm miserable. Woe is me, who am I if I am not stuffing my face with pastries, breadiness, and other carbohydrates? I don't have a sweet tooth, so sugar free sweets don't help me, but if someone could make a carbohydrate free Pan au Chocolat, I would give them all my worldly posessions.
Well, all but my hair straightener.
And maybe not my clothes. Although I would need new clothes anyway because I'd be so skinny and trim!
Oh and definitely not my car. Can't go shopping without transport. Buses? I'm sorry have you ever taken Auckland City public transport?
OK, so someone invent something that replicates dough, but has no flour/butter/wheat -ishness, and is yummy, and I'll shake your hand and buy lots of your product.

Also I FINALLY added my new years photos to my scrapbook. The layouts are pretty cool, I've done two pages so far, one is titled 'Roadtrip', the other has no title. I also completed the finishing touches to the other layouts, including all my high school ball pages, random party photos, drunken antics, Queenstown holiday, and so on. One thing I've noticed, with respect to scrapbooking, is that all the vellum stickers, standouts, embellishments, and pages, that you can get, are so aimed towards children, that you really almost need to be a parent to enjoy adult scrapbooking. To cut a long, boring, rambling story short, I am the adult scrapbooking revolution. Scrapping many a drunken party, a New Year's Road Trip with friends, romantic weekends away with Matt- all of it - I'm scrapbooking it.

I wonder if anyone makes layout pages or vellum tear-outs with a pornographic theme...
Anyway, I'll upload photos of my pages in the next few days. They'll bore most of you, but hopefully there are some scrapbooking aficionados lurking around that will appreciate the pics.

Anyway, that should just about do it for today. In an effort to save my brain from aching next time I add something here, let's all try this activity: After you've finished reading this entry, click on "hatemail here" (or "quack" or "omgwtfbbq") and leave me a comment, and a question to answer. Any question at all, ask it. I can't guarantee I'll answer it, but if you want to know anything at all about me, or anything I've blogged about - infact, anything in the entire world, then I"ll try to answer it.

til next time,

*(As I now know that most of my readers come from the U.S, I'll add this sidenote: our sizes are numbered 2-4
sizes higher than yours)