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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

A Burden Lifted

Ok, this is a very special entry for me. Perhaps not quite as special as my entry will be on Friday, but special nonetheless.

Last night, in some way, I matured. Upon some thinking, I realised that over the last few months, I'd saved quite an amount of money (thanks largely to Matt's encouragement and reminders). Sure, I've lived like a pauper, being constantly at the edge of my overdraft, and over the limit of my credit card, but the minute I get paid, the first thing I do is transfer a substantial three digit figure to our Savings account.

Last night I realised in a short time, I'd amassed approx 3.2k. At the same time, I realised that my Overdraft was $500, and my credit was $1500, and somewhere in the depths of banking hell, I had a personal loan which didn't have too much left to pay back. Now, even though I dropped out of Maths in 6th Form, I had enough of a mind to understand that within my savings, I could probably pay off my credit card, my overdraft, and whatever of my loan was left...
Today I've done it - well, nearly. I paid my credit card, and chucked $500 into my bank account to fill the void of the over draft. Tomorrow at lunch time I'll take a trip to the bank, pay off my loan (which has a little over $200 left), halve my overdraft limit, halve my credit limit, and by Friday, my Autopayment will have cleared, and I'll be in CR on my credit card, and in CR in my bank account, and still have $$ left in my savings account! Thus my part of preparing for a mortgage is done and dusted.

I will be debt free on Friday 12 August.

- Wonder if I should celebrate by shopping? :) (KIDDING really!)