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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Best Mood Ever

Currently Listening to: Iris - GooGoo Dolls
Current Mood: EXCELLENT!

That's me! I'm in the best mood ever.

First of all, I'm positive that I've lost weight. I can't be sure, as we don't have any scales, but I just feel lighter :) How weird does that sound?

Second of all, I've returned from my trip to the bank. In one visit I managed to pay off my loan, halve the limit of my OD, and get a PIN for my credit card (which I've been meaning to do for MONTHS). I've had lunch (a yummy chicken sandwich), an entire huge bottle of water, and during this trek around town, I accumulated over 8500 steps on my pedometer, so the third reason I'm happy, is that I don't have to go on my neighbourhood walk tonight!

In short, I am in a great mood because I think I've finally got a hold of this responsible adulthood stuff. I am debt free, and on the road to becoming a healthy lightweight individual!

(how horridly bubbly and idealistic I sound. BLEH!)