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Monday, August 01, 2005

Another week, Another Monday

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The weekend passed over with great fun and games, and left us with the ever disappointing Monday. Nobody likes Mondays. The only good thing about Mondays, is Desperate Housewives at 8.30pm. That is it. You see, the problem with Mondays, is, that everyone needs a report on something from last week, by the end of the day, and they are never reports that could have been done on Friday, or over the weekend, because the reporting week is Sunday/Monday midnight to Sunday 11.59pm.

I'm sure you've figured out, by now, with my weekly Blog updates on a Monday morning, that I procrastinate each and every report until approx 3-4pm, and then rush to complete them all by 5.30pm. This is my Monday, every Monday.

This Monday, in order to combat the drain of happiness from my soul, I decided to check my blog stats for any weird or unusual search strings that referred web-surfers to my blog. Imagine my surprise when I saw a bunch of hits from Google searchers looking for "Sports Star Drug Ring Name Suppression" etc - Finally! My plan to make NZ Current events work for me had come to fruition! People were looking for news, and finding my blog instead! This was most excellent news for me, especially when I clicked on those search strings and found I was NUMBER THREE out of 8,800 results!

Now everyone, join me in a celebratory song-and-dance.
Ok, that's enough.

Recently I've taken up the quest for cheap Auckland CBD parking. Yes, laugh all you want, but this is a serious quest. I'm looking for a carpark that works out to $40 a week at 5 days a week. I have found one such car park, and that is the Tournament Car Park on Wellesley Street, on the Northern slope down toward Victoria Park Markets. This carpark doesn't count, as it is a haven for vehicular vandals, and I'd prefer not to return to my car and find the roof caved in, the windscreen smashed, and the tires slashed.
Currently I'm parking in the Victoria Street Wilson's carpark (next to Les Mills), @ $9/day. Although a huge drop from what I was paying at Sky City, I still find the fee a bit steep (as well as the hill I have to climb to get to work each day), so I'm on the lookout for something just a touch cheaper. If anyone has any ideas, leave a comment or flick me an email.

On a lighter note, the Wellingtonista has added a new target audience to their demographic - the 18 - 25 year old New Zealand female! With promises of more shopping news, hot guys, and a date with Orlando Bloom (*drool*), the Wellingtonista is pulling out all the stops for the ladies.

On that note, I bid you a fond farewell - I shall return next time I have news (for now I need coffee).