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Monday, July 04, 2005

Shiny Lips, Chewy meat...

Just a quick stop to tell any girls that might be reading about my new favourite thing. Purchased yesterday, the colour is labelled "Crystal Amethyst" and in reality it's a deep crimson / almost purple colour. The product: Maybelline Water shine Diamonds Lip gloss. At $15 it was the cheapest shimmering gloss on the stand amongst CoverGirl, Revlon, and something else I can't remember- and also the smoothest that I tested on my hand. In short, it's my new favorite lipgloss that I have EVER had.

I also have a Sheer Ruby (read: dark red) Origins "Once upon a Shine" lip gloss (it smells like candy canes!), but it's too red for me, but this amethyst colour by maybelline is perfect and it's so smooth and - Oh, I just love it!

On Sunday I cooked the grossest dinner. I roasted topside beef, seasoned with Rosemary, Garlic & Herb Salt, and Cracked Pepper, with roasted potatoes and carrots and cheesy broccoli. It all SOUNDS fine, but the beef was actually evil, as I over cooked it :( I actually got a headache from all the chewing I had to do to get dinner down my throat!

So - note to all who read this: Do not request that I come over to cook you a roast. Request that MATT do instead :) He is a way better roaster than I :-)

bugger, I lost my entry from earlier today :(