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Thursday, July 07, 2005

PICS! Everyone loves pics!

I've just done a HUGE update to my bebo album, including photos of me with my parents, lots of me with Matt, some beautiful shots of Cape Reinga, and photos from my 21st birthday party 2 years ago. This section includes, specifically, a photo of me with some of my girl friends that I'm sure alot of you perves out there will enjoy (because my chick friends are all good lookin chicks).
So Go forth and indulge!

To the left is me and my beau, Matt, at our friends' wedding earlier this year. For anyone that cares, my outfit is off the rack from "Principals", the top a halter / tie back which I do not recommend unless you wear it with clothing glue at the same time. The pants are wide legged with angled pockets, and a tie up waist. These are really comfortable. The shoes were simple black leather pointy toed pumps, with a stiletto heel, and a cute little buckle for show on the front.
Above and to the right are me and some of my girlfriends at my 21st birthday way back in 2k3 - so as you may imagine, the photo would not be the same were it taken today.
To the immediate right is the view from the top of the North Island of NZ - Cape Reinga. The colour change in the sea is where the Pacific Ocean meets the Tasman Sea. I love this photo, it's so blue, and a great representation of NZ in general - so untouched and beautiful.

Today on my way to work, three random Irish Lions Supporters stopped me in the street and tried to convince me to skip work to go drinking with them. Now, I'm impressed by the fact that their team keeps losing, yet they continue to have a good time in a foreign country - but come on guys - 9.30am is a BIT early to be drinking, and I really appreciated standing in the rain for ages trying tp be as polite as possible in my refusals. I think this Saturday night might be a great night to not venture into town, or around any alcoholic establishment. The Lion Supporters will be out in force trying to exact some retribution for their absolute and total defeat on this tour. However, if one ventures down to the waterfront this weekend, one has a slight chance in meeting Prince Harry (as he is known to like his drink), wowing him with one's charm, and becoming a princess overnight....
In other news, I got a 4gb IPOD MINI *screams* - it's the coolest thing ever!!! It's a gen 2 model, so it has 18 hours of battery life, instead of the 8 hour Gen 1's and I listen to it all day at work (because MP3s on a work laptop is strictly forbidden), and I listen to it as I walk to my car, and I listen to it at the super market - I listen to it EVERYWHERE!! :) I'd take a picture of it, and the cute pink leather case I got for it, but I keep forgetting. I'll remember someday!