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Friday, July 22, 2005

Gossip, Hearsay, Name Suppression

The great thing about the internet, is Google. And the great thing about Google, is that when you plug in a search string such as "sports star drug ring ecstasy new zealand", you are likely to find places like THIS :)
So I welcome those of you who have come searching for news (read: gossip). Unfortunately, you won't find any names here. I am well aware of the media included under name suppression laws, and the internet is indeed a medium subject to prosecution. So there will be no publishing here of names, and I'll remind you at this point, that I paid for my haloscan, thus I get IP records of everyone that leaves comments. So if I get done for slander / libel / breaking name suppression, then, my friends, I shall pass those records on to the people that sue me, as I sure as hell can't afford lawyers fees at this point.

Please feel free to stay and read the rest of my rambling crap. I do post some interesting stuff sometimes, and I have an opinion on pretty much everything. Do, also, check out my links on the right. I've added a couple more, including 'The Backyard" and "SunnyO", both New Zealanders taking the World Wide Web by storm.

For now, I'll leave you with a picture I found on AN AMERICAN IMAGE HOSTING SITE. I've blurred it, for reasons of implication, but will put the full picture up once name suppression has been lifted.

For now, I hope you all find the Treasure you were looking for.