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Friday, July 08, 2005

God Save the Queen

I'm sure by now you're all aware of the horrific attacks last night in London, so I won't further it by trying to explain. I just wanted to post my own best wishes to those affected.

Most people know someone that 'could have been' affected, especially here in New Zealand. Our ties with the United Kingdom are so strong, especially in tourism. Most New Zealanders will take their great OE to London before anywhere else in the world. It's a long running joke amongst friends of mine that people go to London to meet other Kiwis, and that's no exaggeration. On a personal note, Matt and I have two friends in London at the moment. I hope and pray to God they are okay. As far as I know they haven't contacted any of our friends here, so none of us know if they're ok or not. I'm sure they'll be fine.

I especially feel bad for the thousands of Lions supporters currently in NZ. They must feel terribly helpless right now, wishing they could be at home to help their families and friends, yet at the same time thankful that they weren't at home to be directly affected by the attacks.
Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected during this difficult time.

P.S - please read this blog by an ambulance officer in London.