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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Book Nerd Caro

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I finished the latest Lincoln Rhyme thriller yesterday, called "The Twelfth Card" and boy was it twisty. At first I thought this one guy did it, then another, then a chick, then another guy, this novel is a work of art, and I truly hope it is turned into a movie, like the original Lincoln Rhyme story, "The Bone Collector".
Speaking of movies, I saw the trailer for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire today. Still no definite release date, just "November 2005". I'm so looking forward to it, as this is where the real world of Magical England comes into play, and we see why Defence against the Dark Arts is so important. We should be prepared to see Hermione looking gorgeous, Ron looking bumbling, idiotic, but with a certain grungish charm, and Harry will start to fill the role of magical hero that Ginny fell in love with back in book one. I'm particularly looking forward to the first part of the movie (hopefully), The Quidditch World Cup. Those scenes should inject enough colour in the movie to make up for movie 3's "sepia-ish-ness" and lack of color. I hope Village has a midnight release for GOF - that would be so fun, AND you'd be sure there are no little kiddies around at midnight to piss you off!

If you want to check out the trailer for yourself, check out my "Eagerly Awaiting" spot in the sidebar to the right. That will take you to the official Goblet of Fire movie site where you can view the trailer, download wallpapers, the poster, and check out more about the Tri-Wizard Tournament!

Also, give the Sunsilk National Hair Survey a go, if for no other reason than the $30 000 you could win as a result. I did it earlier today, and one of the questions (this cracked me up) was "would you rather sleep with a bald man, or a man with a mullet?". Food for thought, ladies, food for thought indeed...

Furthermore, I wish all ARGers at ARG-Fest-o-Con in NYC this weekend a great time. Dave Szulborski's PM Seminar looks really interesting and I'd love to attend, but I'll just catch the replay next week :)

Ciao! - Caro

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