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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Auckland Meme

But before we get to that, I have exciting news. On Saturday morning I get my copy of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. At 11.01am I will be in line and waiting for my copy to be put in my hot little hands so I can spend all weekend reading it.
11.01am NZT, that is. For my international friends who I know for a fact read this blog, you there on the East Coast of the USA, the time there will be 9pm on Friday night. This means that I will have had the book a full 14 hours before you have the chance to purchase it.
Well, for you special people, and anyone else that wants some info before buying it, here's the deal. Email me any questions you have about book 6, or leave them here in a comment, and I will write an entry on Saturday afternoon answering as many questions as I can.

I would prefer you didn't ask questions such as "Does Harry kill Voldemort?" or anything else as spoiling for others, though if you do ask, and I know, I will reply directly to you and spoil it for you. The questions I'm thinking of are "was it worth the hype?" and "did the Order's warning to the Dursley's have any affect on Harry's Summer?" etc.
I won't tell you if Hermione and Ron hook up, though I daresay they will either in this book or next.

anyway, back to the originally programmed schedule.

Stolen from the backyard, who got it from MiramarMike - I've adapted it to suit myself, as I don't live in Wellington :) Enjoy some pictures whilst you read :)

1: Where do you go when the rain/sun comes?
Rain: Usually stay at home in the lounge by the heater, however if there is shopping to be done, I won't let rain get in my way :)
Sun: Usually stay at home outside on the deck with a drink (or three), or go to a friend's house and sit on their deck with a drink (or three)- otherwise there's usually some car-related activity going on, a show, or track event. Matt and I might even venture out for a walk if it's nice :)

2: What's your favourite view?
Auckland: The City Skyline at night looking from Devonport. I love the different colours the carious lights
and signs give off at night, and the varied heights of all the buildings - the city at night most definitely.
Anywhere else:

1) Cape Reinga looking north at the meeting of the seas on a beautiful bright sunny day. I love how blue the ocean is up there, and how clear and blue the sky is also.
2) Christchurch City at night, looking down from SugarLoaf. Because the city is flat, you can see all of it, and the streets being in their near perfect grid create a lovely line of street-lights everywhere.
3)Queenstown - the view flying into Queenstown, over the golf courses, over the lake, so close to the mountains you could touch the sheep that graze, it really is breathtaking.

3: The thing that annoys you the most about Auckland?
This is a no-brainer - The traffic during rush hours and whenever something is going on at the showgrounds.

4: How do you handle the rain?
With great difficulty. Coming from ChCh, I'm not used to so much rain, just cold, and the problem with Auckland rain is it is usually accompanied by more than a slight breeze, so umbrellas are useless. A hooded waterproof jacket is a necessity up here, and forget about sleek straight hair in winter.

5: Most famous Aucklander you know?
Depends on what demographic this refers. If we're talking about car enthusiasts, then my Matt might be quite high on the 'famous Aucklander' list, as well as Mark and Toots from Import X on C4, and Todd Wylie from Performance Car TV. For NZ Music fans, I know Chris Yong formally of Tadpole fame, now heading up the band "Redline", and for young current events fans, Matt's younger brother is indeed Ollie from Flipside .

6: The thing that people say about Auckland that really gets you angry?
That all Aucklanders are arrogant asses. They're not, it's just that most people from south of the Bombays don't bother to get to know any.

7: Where does Auckland end for you?
Auckland, for me, lies between the Takanini offramp, the Lincoln Rd offramp to Henderson, and the Oteha Valley Road offramp on the shore. Any further is too far and needs to be planned well in advance.

8: If Auckland were a famous person, who would it be?
Someone generally grumpy, who knows what they want and how to get it, who can pull out the charm and warmth when needed - Probably Michael Douglas.

9: What do you feel/think when you return to Auckland?
It depends on where I am returning from. If I'm returning from Christchurch, then I feel a tinge of sadness that I've left my family again, and that I won't see them for a while, but then there is also some comfort in the sight of the Sky Tower.

10: Best quote about Auckland?
This forum thread here - about Aucklanders. It's an argument between people that think Aucklanders suck, and people that think Aucklanders don't specifically suck.

Believe it or not, I don't have a favourite 'place to eat' in Auckland, but I do have two favourite cafe's. My number one favourite cafe is Rebo in Sky City, because I go there everyday, and the morning Barista knows me and my regular order of a latte with two sugars to take away, and has it ready for me almost before I'm done ordering. My number two favourite cafe is Cafe Jazz on Remuera Road, on the intersection of Remuera and Upland. The reason that is my favourite is because they made yummy blueberry pancakes when Matt and I went there once :)

Oh, and just cos I like Auckland doesn't meant that I'm an Auckland or Blues Supporter. nuhuh. Crusaders all the way!

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