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Monday, June 27, 2005

"Those who do not complain are never pitied"

Whinge and moan, blah blah blah, cry cry cry. For this post I will relinquish my cynicism and pessimism, and you will all be astonished. And I will NOT be pitied! Well, not today at least...

Over the weekend, the's talk showy thingee aired, but was marred by misfortune. Perhaps. launched an ARG as they've been wanting to do for a while now.
Perhaps. has been a rabbithole this whole time, starting out by making pointed and opinionated comments on games and PMs to gather their audience.
No one quite knows what to make of the latest happenings, but check out the discussion
here at the Immersion Unlimited forums and decide for yourself.

I personally don't know what to make of it all- I don't think has been an elaborate ruse this whole time, or rather, I hope it hasn't, as it has become one of my favourite websites, and part of my daily web check routine each morning. Rather, I just hope that they have decided to do their own ARG to blow us all away. I do, however, have one small concern, and that is that ever since their online inception, they have been adamant about keeping their identities a secret from their audience. All except Suzee. Should it not strike us, therefore, as odd, that the person this "event" revolves around, is the only "character" whose name we "know" (boy - I use alot of quote marks...)? This point in itself us an unfortunate mark FOR the ARGument (*snicker*) that ARGtalk has been a rabbithole this whole time. GAH! I have no idea, but I will try and partake in this as closely as possible, in the little spare time that I hold (for the new Harry Potter comes out in a few weeks!). I've posted my "REALLY WILD SPEC" on the IU forums, running along the lines that Suzee hooked up with this guy and his girlfriend is out to kill her, but I think it's blatantly obvious that I watch far too much television, and read far too many books.

Hopefully "C.G" ("cute guy" mentioned on Suzee's blog) will come along to save her and they will live forever happily in love.... Or something else romantic and such :) Maybe "ARGTalk The Person" will save her and they will fall in love.... Or maybe OldTimer is the person that has orchestrated the kidnapping, and the kidnapping was performed by a hireling? He didn't sound terribly surprised or afraid when Suzee suddenly left the phone call with a blood curdling scream.... Crazy spec... I love it :)

On Saturday night I watched the 5 hour BBC Mini Series of Pride and Prejudice, as I finished reading the novel on Friday night. Colin Firth remains in my top ten actors list (but shh, most women don't understand, and therefore choose to mock me for it), and the miniseries on DVD has made it into my top 10 movies of all time.

I would also like to bring your attention to a most profound phrase that all geeks and forum whores alike should pay attention to:

words to live by, indeed.