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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Rant Day - Politics / Doctors / Lost

Hi Everybody! (hi doctor Nick!)

Today's ranting will cover various subjects, two of which are likely to provoke some debate / discussion amongst you readers (if there are any out there). Actually, make that three - I figure everyone has something to say about "Lost".

The first subject I wanted to cover here is the case of Schappelle Corby. Now, for any international types, (ie, anyone not in Aus or NZ) you might not have heard of Schappelle, and her plight in Bali, but here are the basics: She was caught coming into Bali with 4.1kg of marijuana in her boogie board bag. She denies knowledge / ownership of that marijuana, and she was convicted by a Balinese Judge panel to 20 years, without extradition, in the Balinese Prison.

I've been following the news and various internet content on Schappelle's case for a few months now, but since the sentencing there has been much discussion on many forums I frequent, and some incredible backlash in Australia. Consider Corby's case the bandwagon - here I am jumping on it.

My opinion (that is what blogs are for, yes? opinions?) is that she is innocent, and I muster this opinion from various things:
1) the look in her eyes when she says it
2) smuggling marijuana into Bali makes no economic sense when it grows on every street corner there
3) it would have been picked up by airport security as the bag was checked in at Brisbane Airport, unless of course the marijuana was planted by airport personnel AFTER check in procedures.

But we'll never know, because she was denied the right to prove her innocence. Her requests to have her bag weighed upon discovery of the dope were denied, and that would have proven, once compared to the weight of the bags in Brisbane, whether she was Innocent or Guilty.

What many of you probably don't know (unless you're from Australia, Bali, or New Zealand) is that the Balinese prosecution wanted (and still want) the sentence to be for life imprisonment... For Drug smuggling.... ORIGINALLY there was talk of the death sentence (see ). The public of Bali (as reported in various Balinese newsmedia) were expecting a 10 year sentence at maximum. After all of this, and various pleas of innocence, she was found guilty and sentenced to 20 years. Well, Australia has responded with the backlash. Everyone loves a bit of backlash!

The Indonesian Embassy in Australia received an envelope of white powder in their mail the other day. Various protests continue outside parliamentary buildings in Canberra. Signs are placed enroute to the airport telling people to boycott any travel to Bali, but what strikes me as most amusing, are the refusals of the public to donate money to the Tsunami relief fund- because of the Indonesian recipients.

Which brings me to my next rant point. Haven't we all donated enough money to Tsunami relief? Around the world, haven't we donated countless Billions to those suffering from the Boxing Day disaster?
This point won't mean much to anyone outside of New Zealand, or infact anyone outside of the North Island of New Zealand - but those that are here will know of the multiple floods and storms that have devastated parts of the North Island (most notably Tauranga, the Kapiti Coast, and most places in between) in the past year. Those same people will also know that the EQC (Earthquake Commission) that was set up to help those requiring relief from Natural Disasters such as this, is pretty much dry.
I have to ask, why are we in New Zealand STILL donating overseas, when we have so many people to help at home? I was watching the news, and the Salvation Army that collects so much money from us, for 'the needy' said that a large portion of their collections STILL goes to Tsunami Relief funds. I want to know how much goes to those poor people in Tauranga.

Let me put it this way. Starving Children in Africa - all they ask for is $1 a day.

(after all this ranting, I can't be bothered bitching about doctors now, so I'll leave on this note: When I pay $65 for a GP consultation, I do NOT want to be told that my constant headaches are nothing but stress. I want medicine! I want to be cured! I do not want to have to take two nurofen a day at least two days a week for the rest of my life!)

(oh crap, I forgot about "Lost". Ok, I just wanna know what in the hell is in that vault, What superpowers does the little boy have, does Sawyer have a brain tumor and will he get special powers too, and when will the Aussie chick have her damned baby?!?!)

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