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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Popetown letdown

This will be just a quick rant - mostly just to say how UNFUNNY I think Popetown is. Now, we were promised that South-Park's Wednesday night replacement would be frought with offense, un-political-correctness, so much so that the Vatican was calling for an international ban on the show.

What did we get?

I'll tell you what we got.


I watched the first episode that screened here in New Zealand and thought 'Oh My God they replaced South Park with THAT?', but then thought 'meh, maybe it's just a bad episode'. So I watched this week aswell, just to make sure I didn't have the wrong end of the stick.

Don't get me wrong - I love the satire involved - the way the Vatican is painted as a big corporate, with the three head Cardinals more worried about their status on the world rich list than the status of the world's Christianity following - the way the Pope refuses to bathe unless Father Nicholas gets in the bath with him (fully clothed, of course), and the way a "Visiting President from a country with no name as yet" (Complete with colombian accent and khaki militia like uniform) offers a sponsorship deal to put his air-line's logo on the back of the Pope's robes - but the execution is terrible.

In the two episodes I watched (the first being well over-hyped, the second marginally better) I cracked a smile once. This was due to Sister Marie unveiling her banquet of roast Panda. Hey, that was offensive enough for me to smile at!

I will keep watching, because I just can't bring myself to watch a full hour of 'The Contender', and Channel 1 & 3 are covered in crap on Wednesday nights, and I will watch in the hope that the show gets better.... lest I breakout old South Park episodes to fill my 9.30pm Wednesday night void.