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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Hair, and the devastating effects of winter.

I haven't been able to straighten my hair with my GHDs for approx 3 weeks now. In all honesty, 4 weeks, but the first of those 4 weeks I was sick, and didn't WANT to straighten my hair, so that doesn't count.

I have tried - LORD how I've tried - but every time I do, within an hour or two the moisture of winter hits it (Auckland IS known for its rain...) and all my good work is undone.

So I consider getting my hair relaxed for the remainder of winter- I'm sick and tired of going through life with frizz and wild curls (they're not even hot-sexy-playful curls, they're crappy curls).

It's payday today, maybe instead of going to Borders I should go to the hairdresser? My Hairdresser, Vicky (who might not even be my hairdresser anymore since I haven't been since December Last year!!) once quoted my $250 to relax my hair, or $350 for a set of GHDs....