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Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Well I'll call this entry the catch up entry, even though there's not too much to catch up on. I was really sick all last week - had this horrid flu which included a 2 day fever! FEVER! I haven't had a fever since I was 8 years old!!! But there is was, wrapped up in blankets with my electric blanket on Hi, fully clothed, yet still shivering to what I thought would be my untimely end. Yup I truly thought I would die of cold - even though I was too hot on the surface to touch. Next Winter I know what I'll be doing - getting a flu shot!

During my week away from life as we know it, my darling wonderful boyfriend got me the Sims 2 - and what a wonderful game it is! So wonderful that I'm contemplating deleting the Sims because it's so obsolete in comparison that I will never play it again. Unfortunately, being sick also gave way to something I had been holding off for a long time - Dan Brown. As the author of The Da Vinci Code, I had been fervently trying my hardest NOT to read any of his books. Why? I don't know. I told myself I was holding out for some kind of special edition hardcover boxed set, but I think it was more because thousands of NONbooknerds were reading him, and I guess I didn't want to be lumped into the same category...

I caved.

Oh how I caved. I guess my problem first arose when I ordered them from a month ago. Yeah, laugh it up, but I was pleasantly surprised with how great a fictional story Mr. Brown could create from mostly factual (or at least reportedly factual) information! I didn't read the Da Vinci Code first, like most other people. Instead I checked and Angels and Demons is the first Robert Langdon story - so I read it first. Anyway, I started that at work yesterday and finished it in bed last night, so now am on to the Da Vinci Code, which looks to be quite promising! I bought my Father the Da Vinci Code for his birthday, because he's quite into the reportedly factual conspiracy theory, especially when it comes to those that involve historical figures, and he loved it, so I'm looking forward to it.

More specifically, I need something to bridge the one month gap that I currently have unscheduled reading. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince doesn't come out until July 16 - which will take me through to the release of the DelRey "all-in-two" volume publications of the Eddings' Mallorean series- but until that day in July, I have nothing to read! So I will try and space out the Da Vinci Code and Digital Fortress accordingly... wish me luck!

As enthralling as I'm sure you find my reading material, I will change topics now, to one more relevant than the last: Michael Jackson. Everyone's got an opinion, and my personal opinion is that he is the luckiest dude alive. Half the world didn't believe him, yet he got a jury that was looking for evidence beyond a reasonable doubt. I thought there would be a few hung juries before any conclusive kind of verdict was reached, but first trial and acquitted of all 10 counts?!!?? THAT is some serious luck, and I just hope he uses this as a wake up call to become a normal human being now.

Oh - In Neurocam News - I didn't get in :( I deleted all their emails in a huff, so I can't even paste up here what they said, something about not meeting 7 out of 10 criteria points blah blah blah, but that's ok, because I'd probably get sick before a mission or something as is my 'thing'.

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