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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Round 3.5

So, I decided to add another post, just so that this blog doesn't appear TOTALLY Neurocam-ised. The aim of this post is to prove that I do other stuff too :P

The following picture is a perfect and pure example of a beautiful CRX. That's right, it's ACTUALLY a Honda Del Sol, not a Porsche Boxter - don't the lights look wicked though??

Also, last week was all about the Xbox 360 (or was that the week before), and one of the key points of getting our grubby paws on 360 info, was coming to terms with new lingo, specifically: the Teraflop. Seen in this context:
"Overall System Floating-Point Performance: 1 Teraflop" one could be forgiven for thinking the Xbox 360 was a sex-toy - not a great one, mind you.

I've also just found this: - a fellow blogger trying to get a puzzle trail going through blogging - I'll be following along eagerly!

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