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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Round 3

OK, round 3 on my Blog bug, or is it 4? I don't know, I've had too much coffee today.

Umm what's been happening.... well, my wonderful wonderful wonderful boyfriend, Matt, got me a new stereo for my car because my old one broke (love you honey, and thankyou so much!), the sun came out on Monday, and that's a rare occurance these days. Matt and I played the Co Op series of missions on Splinter Cell, AND - I completed my perception assessment to finalise my application to Neurocam.

I won't put my assessment up, not at least until I know if it was accepted or not. I don't know how long that will be, but I did receive a receipt verification from Miles Carrefour:

Dear Applicant
I hereby verify that your Perception Assessment NCI-2001 /02 report has been received.
Neurocam International's Operations Division is currently reviewing your report. Your performance will soon be assessed in accordance with our selection criteria. This assessment will complete your application process.
Once our review is complete you will be contacted and informed of the status of your application. Please be aware that this may take between seven to ten working days. I assure you, however, that Neurocam will be in contact with you again.


Miles Carrefour
Induction Officer
Human Resources Security Division
Neurocam International

Hopefully, by this time next week, I will actually be able to say whether I am a part of Neurocam International, or not. I'm really hoping this is like Project Mayhem in 'Fight Club' - cos that would be cool, except for the making bombs out of liposuction fat. Ew. Oh yeah, and the being killed but not being recognised until the last minute when everyone chants your name over and over again.

His name is Robert Palson. (or something).

Anyway - Ciao for now!