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Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Alphabet MeMe

Accent The great Kiwi Accent - ugghhh
Bra size 060060061061060060061061060060061061060061060060060061060060060061060060
Chore I hate Laundry. I detest Laundry at our current house because the laundry room is covered in dryer lint-covered cobwebs.
Dad’s name John Michael (given name Michael)
Essential make-up Crystal Amethyst Lipgloss and mascara.
Favorite perfume All Time - Davidoff's 'Cool Water - Woman' , but this year it's been D&G's Light Blue.
Gold or Silver White Gold or Platinum *drool*
Hometown Christchurch, New Zealand
Interesting fact I'm an idiot
Job title Business Services Analyst
Kids zip, zero, nada
Living arrangements renting 3br house with partner and two flatmates
Mom’s Birthplace Some lil village in Samoa
Number of apples eaten in last week zip, zero, nada. Had a few mandarins though - Apples are so 3 weeks ago!
Overnight hospital stays Once when 8 for pneumonia and asthma, then once more 3 years ago for asthma
Phobia Arachnophobia
Question you ask yourself a lot Should I have said that?
Religious affiliation none
Siblings none
Time I wake up approx 8am
Unnatural hair color Reds and such
Vegetable I refuse to eat brussel sprouts, mushy peas, parsnip
Worst habit biting the skin around my nails
X-rays Dental, both ankles, left Knee, Chest x 3 (asthmatic hospital stay x 2 and sternum check from carcrash x 1), right wrist x1
Yummy food I make Spaghetti Bolognaise (from scratch, not from a packet or jar)
Zodiac sign Taurus