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Friday, July 25, 2003

Untagged meme: - These are the Days of our lives

Credits: I found this this on Make Tea Not War who borrowed it (and adapted it) from Nigel PatelShort and Sweet Like Me.

10 Years Ago:
July 1995; Christchurch; I was half way through my first year at Burnside High School - third form. I was best friends with Michelle Nixon, Louise Cox, Kate Claydon, and Tracey Bruce. I paid $102 for a prefect "slave-for-a-day", I had various crushes on various hot 7th formers (not sure if they're still hot), I played Netball in the Under 19 grade for the Merivale Netball club, played Basketball for the Junior Girls Team at school, played Touch Rugby in Summer, and tried my hand at volleyball. Was in one of the school choirish things, was in the school musical, and started modelling at Spotlight. Got caught in the wrong crowd, righted myself again, became target of bullies. Hated third form.

5 Years Ago:
July 2000: Had been living in Auckland for 1 month, working for a horrible company, Servcorp. Found myself amongst the wrong crowd again. Had broken up with long term boyfriend before moving, had series of fights with parents before moving, had quit Tech to move. My best friend at that time was this blonde little skank that I worked with (who'd turned all my friends against me and spread horrid crap about me) whos name totally escapes me.

1 Year Ago:
July 2004: Had spent most of the year up till now under the GSR in a garage or a barn or various places, in preparation for various shows. In July we would have just won a bunch of awards at Auckland AutoSalon, and we would probably have just come back from our weekend away in Queenstown (where we were snowed in). I was working out of Hamilton for a couple of weeks. Also I would have just discovered Alternate Reality Gaming through the Halo 2 Promotional campaign: ILoveBees.

July 24 2005: Woke up at 6am still drunk (whoops) and moved to the couch to continue my slumber without waking Matt when I coughed or blew my nose. Woke again at 10.30 in time for Home and Away. Watched Home and Away, watched the Winnie the Pooh Heffalump movie, sat on my ass and did very little, watched the first half of the Fantastic Four, ate a yummy dinner by Matt (Roast Pork) and YUMMY YUMMY Chocolate Brownie by Matt (YUM YUM) and then fell asleep on the couch watching E! "Trust Fund babies", then went to bed at the stroke of midnight.

Woke up late, cuddled and kissed Matt, went to work, had bad coffee, bought cigarettes, did more work (trying to compile a document and quietly audit the team) - updated blog, and started silly meme which has so far taken 2 hours to do (and I"m only half way through!!)

26 July 2005: Will wake up, late again probably, go to work, hopefully I'll have GOOD coffee this time, and I"ll do more work as it's very busy around here these days.

5 Snacks I enjoy:
Potato Chips
Hash Browns
Cheese and Crackers
Tomatoes on Toast (with garlic and herb Salt, and cracked pepper)

5 Bands / Singers whos songs I know most of the lyrics to
Destiny's Child
The Streets
Alicia Keys
Brooke Fraser

Things I would do with $100 000 000
Create Family Trust for future children, start with 20million
Invest 60 Million
Buy a house in Remuera (not more than 1mil)
Buy Matt the car of his choice
Buy Myself a Porsche GT3 (keep current car for drive around and hack)
Work part time, instead of full time
Travel with Matt
Get Married (to Matt)
Have kids

Five locations I'd like to run away to
New York

5 Bad habits I have
Clicking my tongue stud against my teeth
Picking my cuticles
Eating burgers layer by layer
Speaking before thinking

5 Things I like doing
Anything with Matt
Car-ish things
Listening to Music

5 things I would never wear
Authentic Flares
Boots OVER Jeans
Clothes that bare my fat
Leather Pants
Tapered Jeans

5 TV Shows I like
FRIENDS (even though its finished)
Desperate Housewives
South Park

5 Movies I like
Harry Potter 1/2/3
Bridget Jones 1/2
LOTR 2/3 (1 was ok...)
Team America World Police
Star Warseses

5 Famous People I'd like to meet:
JK Rowling ( to sign my books)
Colin Farrel
Vin Diesel
Jeremy Clarkson
Sultan of Brunei

5 Biggest Joys of the moment:
The health of my family
the heater (not a euphemism)
my 'Rusty' Wool Jacket

5 Favourite Toys:
my iPod mini
Matt (heeheehee)
Cascading StyleSheets
the Toaster
my Blog :)